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Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report!
MARK (2009-3-18)
An Enterprise is defined as an organization that reports to the same business president or equivalent authority. All prices listed are for annual subscriptions. Problem In 2004, there were over 31 million OLED panels shipped, generating revenues of almost $350 million. In 2005, the number of suppliers and the types of applications are anticipated to expand significantly. Yet there is no reliable source showing the production and revenues of OLED displays by supplier, application, size, resolution and material. Solution The Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report is a 100+ page publication that provides actual results for the previous quarter and forecasts forward on a rolling nine-quarter basis in suppliers, materials, units, ASP, shipments and revenues. In addition this report will help you to assess market opportunities due to competition from existing OLED technologies. The report shows the capacity plans by supplier and produces a comprehensive supply/demand forecast. Moreover, the report will compare the sales of OLEDs to incumbent technologies, measuring market share progress on a quarterly basis. Pivot tables are included with the report, providing a tremendous value-add to users wanting to reference the data in its raw form. Benefits Receive supply and demand model forecasting Follow market entrants in the newly enabled AMOLED panels Receive shipment, revenue and ASPs by application, size and resolution Gain in-depth understanding of the OLED industry, the key players, competitive pressures, and the applications targeted by suppliers Determine where there are revenue opportunities within the OLED market Identify changes in future OLED trends, based on DisplaySearch forecasts Learn the market share of the small molecule and PLED suppliers and follow their progress in competing with LCDs and other technologies.
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